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“…A rock band making rock music.”

That’s how Cougars, if prodded, would describe what they are. That’s how your dad and his drinking buddies, if prodded harder, would describe what they are.

But for many, that simplistic description just isn’t enough. Granted, there are eight of them. Amidst the swirling morass of dueling guitars, lock-tight bass and drums, menacing vocals, two-piece horn section, and ominous synthesizer, there must be something going on that deserves a prefix. It can’t be that simple. There needs to be generalized comparisons and convenient little genre tags to slap on them.

But there isn’t. In the end, when those efforts prove off base and futile, all you’re left with is “Rock”-- plain and simple. As it is, Cougars have done nothing less.

After signing with New York based Go Kart Records in the fall of 2003, Cougars released their self produced debut album Nice, Nice. It proved to be a record that amazed many and confounded many more, earning them stellar reviews and a spot in Alternative Press’ “100 Bands to Watch in 2004”. For many, Cougars left them no other choice but to watch as they took their blistering spectacle of a live show all across North America, supporting Nice, Nice and follow up Ep Manhandler (Thick Records 2004). To all that say “nay”, Cougars time and again broke the mold of typical indie/punk rock pigeonholing, gracing the stage with numerous bands from every corner of the rock realm; from Mastodon to Ted Leo/Pharmacists, from Supersuckers to Fu Manchu.

And the hits keep coming! With the helping hand of legendary recording engineer Steve Albini, Cougars have essentially captured the blaring intensity of their live performances on analog tape for their second full length album, Pillow Talk. A monster of an album featuring ten brand new tracks, it is a testament to Cougars unwavering raucous instinct. It’s an instinct that leads them not down a path of musical status quo, but rather to continue being merely what they know how to be, “a rock band making rock music.” Indeed.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Pillow Talk"
1. Toxic Fox Syndrome
2. Scissitar
3. Who's Got The Sniff?
4. There's No "High" In Team
5. Someone Out There Has My Boner Picture
6. Mouth of Todd
7. Diagnosis: Snare Side Hearing Loss
8. Shitstorm
9. Ultimate Horseness
10. Delicate Whispers In Cahoots With Pillow Talk

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Releases On Go-Kart Records

"Die vermutlich brachial bestgeschmierte Rockmaschine dieser Tage. Überschlagsgefährdeter Grenzgänger-Rock der Extraklasse, der wahrscheinlich ohne weiteres Drive Like Jehu und den frühen (besseren) Rocket From The Crypt noch das Wasser abgraben könnte" - VISIONS

"Coole Band, exzellenter Longplayer, der hier und da sogar an die legendären LAUGHING HYENAS erinnert." - OX

"Eine Band mit Individualität. 10 Songs mit Tiefgang und Potential, Respekt." - PLASTIC BOMB

"Die punktuiert eingesetzte Bläsersektion verleiht dem eh schon rockigen Machwerk zusätzlichen Schmiss und Tanzbarkeit." - INTRO

"Eins ist zumindest aber klar, in unserer momentan so weichgespülten Musikwelt explodieren die COUGARS förmlich wie eine Bombe." - ELEKTROLURCH

"I recommend this album to every Punk, Ska and Rock fan...maybe a good alternative to all the crap suggested by the big music media or should I say mafia." - DAREDEVIL

"A monstrous assault on bland music led by fucked and fuzzy guitars and rockin’ horns. It’s rockingly big and punkishly excellent." - ROCKSOUND

"Gore-Punk galvanised with horns. All the trademark sounds of a 'Steve Albini' punk record - the jagged riffs, the pulverising drums, the grating guitars and the strangled howls - are in place for Chicago group Cougars' second album, but, as Matt Irie bellows in the closing minutes of 'Scissitar', "Here's something special": a two-piece horn section whose inventive blurts and blasts raise Cougars above the typical Albini-produced melee. The searing, RFTC-esque brass gives Cougars' writhing riffs sharper definition, pulling their noise above the genre morass, but even without the horns, Cougars' flammable, edgy, angular noise is something to scream about. And scream Irie does, rather fabulously indeed." - Kerrang

"It takes brave men to throw something new at the face of rock, but the Cougars pull it off, and if it’s something new and cunning you want, it’s this or nothing." - Rock Pulse

"This album is just refreshingly awesome." - TIME BOMB

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"Pillow Talk"

"Nice, Nice"

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