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Dr. Norton
"The So Called"

Dr. Norton
"Will You Find Beauty In The Brutally Ugly 7""

"Bleeding In A Box"


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New records up for pre-order
Date added: 01/03/09
Yes, you've read it, we are finally putting out some more great records the world has to listen to. Starting with Berlin's top-notch Beatpunk outfit, Dr. Norton. Dr. Norton will release their brand new second album "The So-Called" May 11 in Germany with the rest of Europe to follow shortly hereafter.
If you are in to East-bay post-punk there is no way around Oakland's Olehole. The band will embark on a European tour as well so make sure you pay attention. Or else... :)


Olehole update
Date added: 24/02/09
So finally we set a release date for Oakland's own Olehole. Olehole's debut album entitled "Holemole" will be out in Europe mid-May.
Let me tell you we are stoked to being able to work with them. Alternative Press just nominated the band to be one of the "100 bands you need to know in 2009". They also updated their lineup as last year the band enlisted the aid of The Lawrence Arms' Neil Hennessy to fill in behind the drums. With Ian from Dead To Me they've found a suitable replacement. There will be a European tour to support the release and we will certainly update you one this.


Welcome to 2009!
Date added: 29/01/09
So, here's a little update from Euro-Kart headquarters. We are working heavily on determening release dates for Dr. Norton's brandnew album called "The so-called" and Oakland's own Olehole's which will be entitled "Holemole". Both albums will be available in the first half of 2009.
Also, we have tons of more plans in the making, so make sure to pay attention. Yes, that means YOU!


Letzte duesenjaeger show!
Date added: 04/12/08
Wie sicherlich die meisten ohnehin schon wissen, lösen sich die duesenjaeger leider auf. Morgen gibts sie zum letzen Mal live in Osnabrück zu sehen. Kommen. Es war schön.


Dr. Norton recording & mixtape
Date added: 24/11/08
'In a few days Dr. Norton will record their second album at the Andere Baustelle Studio in Wedding, Berlin. Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave are only two names of artist who have recorded with the soundengineers there! The album will be released aroung march or april next year! The studio is directly connected to the internet so you guys can whitness all the recording that'll be going on via webcam. More details on that will follow here in a few days!
But that's not all. Tobi, Leo, Stephan and Max had a look at their record collections and made a mixtape of their favorite songs. So if you send them a mixtape that you've made via snail mail (write us an email to get our post adress) the band will send you their mixtape in return! Another possibility for you would be to directly give us your tape when you're at one of their shows - they'll have some copies of their tapes with them...


Dr. Norton's 7" up for pre-orders
Date added: 02/09/08
Berlin's best beatpunk band, Dr. Norton, is about to release a strictly limited tour 7" entitled "Will you find beauty in the brutally ugly". The little black piece of plastic will feature 4 brand new songs to blow your brains out. Strictly limited to 250 copies you better be quick than sorry.


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