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Band Information

Thomas - Guitar
Hugo - Vocals
Job - Bass
Josha - Drums
Mark - Guitar

The world more than ever seems to be on the verge of destruction - politicians seek remedies in war and ever growing industries hold climate and nature in a firm stranglehold. So what do people need more than ever? Right, a party!
It's long past midnight and the long-awaited party has finally arrived: It's the Dutch rock'n'roll beast Malkovich. This charismatic five-piece has already shocked crowds all over Europe and even the US during a winning streak of over 300 shows until now, including appearances at such huge festivals as Fury Fest, CMJ, Groezrock or Noorderslag. Their unconventional and uncommon approach to making loud music has already gained them a serious following. From their first self-titled EP to the debut full-length "A Criminal Record" Malkovich has progressed from a chaotic hardcore band to a fully grown rock monster fusing elements of punk, metal, rock and jazz into an original sound of their own. The new album "Kings n' Bosses", to be released through Go-Kart Records in late April 2007, proves that the band has matured and diversified even more. The album contains 12 catchy and dynamic tracks revolving around one single theme: PARTY! Lyrically, you do not have to worry about the group having lost its sense of urgency, however, they have chosen to voice it in a new and unorthodox manner while still holding a mirror to itself and the world surrounding it. 2007 might be the "1999" that Prince was dreaming of, so let's party before we're out of time. And, yeah, it's true what they say, there ain't no party like a Malkoholic party!

2007: "Kings N' Bosses" CD/LP (Go-Kart Records)

2004: "A Criminal Record" CD/LP (Reflections Records)

2004: "017" CDep (Reflections Records)

2004: "Selftitled" CD (Coalition)

2003: "The Foundation Rocks" CD/10" (Coalition)

2002: "Single-sided" 12" (Cheerleader/Transit)

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Kings N' Bosses"
1. 042
2. 039
3. 036
4. 043
5. 044
6. 040
7. 034
8. 037
9. 041
10. 035
11. 046
12. 047

The vinyl comes in a good looking gatefold and in two versions: a) limited 180gr vinyl b) regular 140gr vinyl. For all vinyl orders outside Germany please add 4€ postage.


Releases On Go-Kart Records

"Mit 15 catchigen und dynamischen Songs werden die Jungs ihrem Hauptanspruch „Party“ absolut gerecht." -OX (8/10)

"Die 5 Freaks schaffen es einen in ihren Bann zu ziehen und nicht mehr loszulassen." -Listen-To-It (5/6)

"Ihr chaotischer Hardcore profitiert einfach von ihrer Verrücktheit und den wirren Tempowechseln, da kann auch mal ein Südamerikanisches Gitarrenriff auftauchen. Insgesamt ist die Band virtuoser geworden und hat sich selbst nochmal neu erfunden. Gratulation!" -WLTU (7/7)

"Nichts weniger als brillant!" -Sellfish

"Den Holländern ist so ein spannendes Album gelungen, das irgendwie alleine steht aber irgendwie auch überall rein passt." -Dosenmusik


"No wonder that Go-Kart welcomed the band into their arms, because with Malkovich in the house you have a first class party band!" -AS ICE

"This is impressive and rocks like mad." -NFT Zine

"Borrowing from such good time men as The Ramones, from whom they also lift the identical surname trick, and Faith No More Malkovich have created the perfect record for a generation of hardcore kids who just want to freak out and dance." -Subba Cultcha

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"Kings N' Bosses"

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