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Band Information

Olehole (pronounced o-lay ho-lay) from Oakland consists of Brian Moss (ex-the Ghost, Hanalei, etc), Dan Wedgwood (ex-Burial Year, Quest For Quintana Roo), Jackson Blumgart (ex-Quest For Quintana Roo) and drummer Ian (Dead To Me).

Amidst a volatile social climate and a stagnated musical one, the quartet pools from variety of influences, experiences, and personal traits with the unified objective of challenging both listeners and each other while keeping the razor's edge of contemporary counter-culture audio and lyricism sharp.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
Oakland's finest Olehole with their debut album. West Coast Post-Punk with an east bay twist, hah!

1. Gatekeeper
2. Ostinato
3. Chimps Night Out
4. Jukebox Creek
5. Monuments Of Motion
6. Treble Hook
7. 40 43 74 00
8. Talk The Walk
9. Union Plague
10. Big Numbers


Releases On Go-Kart Records


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