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Band Information

Toby Hoffmann - Vocals
Xandi Fromm - Bass
Andy Rosczyk - Guitar
Steve Hartmann - Guitar
Thomas Klaus - Drums

‘Soft melancholy meets metallic sound landscapes paired with energetic hardcore’. This way or another you could describe the five charismatic musicians behind the band from Lake Constance, Germany. But wouldn’t that mean heavily reducing them to a certain degree? The answer is definitely yes, as ira represent by far more than conventionally known genres.

ira will blow you away - ira will let you relax. ira will show you how progressive and modern guitar music somewhere between Sonic Youth, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Neurosis has to sound like. There is no reproducing - on the contrary, something big and new emerges. ira will take you on a journey and totally absorb you.

On the way to new shores…
Formed in 2003, Andy, Steve, Thomas and Xandi rose out of the ashes of the well-known Grindcore band Blindspot a.d., who had already released a 7“ split single with Unholy Grave as well as a full-lenght on Per Koro Records.

After countless tours (together with Fear My Thoughts amongst others) they decided to musically change paths. ira was brought into being and after only a few sessions they already recorded a couple of instrumental songs. During those recording sessions, Toby Hoffmann, an active as well as noted poet in the spoken word scene, joined them as vocalist and completed them as the last missing link: his powerful, poetic and personal reflections that he skilfully incorporated into the songs.
The year 2004 was all about fine-tuning their debut album „The Body And The Soil“, which was mastered by Carsten Collenbusch /BluBox Studios (Blackmail, Days In Grief, Scumbucket, Smoke Blow).

ira is Latin and means “Anger” – one of the seven deadly sins.

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"The Body And The Soil"
1. Soil
2. Drone
3. You’re living all over me
4. Disappear
5. Godhead
6. Long live the parts I
7. India is gone
8. Long live the parts II
9. Ending


Releases On Go-Kart Records

"I'm scared but comfortably so." - ROCKSOUND

"The album as a whole is well thought out and commendably artistic." - TERRORIZER

"IRA will succeed with being in your head forever." - POISONFREE

"Get captivated by IRA nad let them take you where they are going- believe me, you never been there before…" - No Front Teeth

"Most important things first- this album totally took me by surprise and is now among my top releases for 2005!" - Enough

"Ein knackiges Riff und differenzierte Rhythmusarbeit sorgen für Farbe" - Westzeit

"Definitiv eine Todsünde wert, dieses Album." - OX

“The Body And The Soil“ ist ein verdammt starkes Debüt." - Legacy

"Jeder, der Neurosis und Isis mag, muss das hier gehört haben. Unbedingt!" - METAL HAMMER

"Ein schönes Debüt, das seine Längen mit Stolz und Würde trägt, da kann noch einiges Spannendes kommen." - ROCK HARD

"Dass in diesem musikalisch wirklich gelungenen Werk der Gesang oft ein wenig untergeht oder in den cleanen Passagen mitunter sogar etwas dünn wirkt, ist schade, aber zu verschmerzen. Anhören." UNCLE SALLY's (die 10 Gebote)

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"The Body And The Soil"

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