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GUFF's brand of punk rock is a fast as fuck blend of melody and speed with no tricks or gimmicks to speak of. Based in their hometown of Athens, GA since 1999, they have played over 700 shows across the U.S. and Canada. This rigorous touring schedule has earned the band tons of great friends who they've shared stages with, like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bigwig, Sum 41, Flogging Molly, Dynamite Boy, andCitizen Fish to name just a few.

Of course, they have no plans to slow down anytime soon; GUFF will be joining this year's WARPED tour for two weeks straight before Goldfinger will take them on tour this fall. The more time that passes, the harder they work and the faster they rock!

Since most of their tours thus far have been totally DIY, GUFF has had more than their share of on-the-road adventure. They've been pulled over with drugs, crashed a dozen cars, and watched two of their vans self-destruct. After one such vehicular suicide left them stranded in Texas, they volunteered for a medical research program that would generate enough money to buy a new van and continue the tour. They were compelled to become punk rock lab rats! Who knows what will happen next!

GUFF's first album on Community Projects Records came out in the spring of 2000 to positive reviews across the board. They've also appeared on a slew of compilations from record labels all over the country. "The Guff is a Disaster" EP was their Go-Kart Records debut back in 2003 followed by their second full lenght "Engin Trouble" (2003). Now they are back with their third and best full lenght album "Symphony Of Voices".

With a work ethic like theirs, there will be no stopping GUFF in 2007 and beyond. So don't forget to check them out soon in a town near you!

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Symphony Of Voices"
Guff’s new record “Symphony of Voices,” was produced by Charlie Paulson of Goldfinger and Noah Shain (Orson) and comes with two choices of cover-art (flip it baby!).

“Symphony of Voices” is Guff's second full lenght. It is still Guff but better. It still has their fun-loving spirit, but with a newfound immediacy not heard on earlier releases.

And check this out: while Guff was in the studio, Steve Perry, the legendary lead singer of Journey, walked in to visit a friend. He was so impressed with Guff that he showed up unannounced two days later and asked Guff to cover an unreleased Journey song. Steve not only produced the song “I Can See It In Your Eyes” but also sang on it!

1. Saving The World
2. Behind Your Smile
3. Symphony Of Voices
4. Bleed Like You
5. No Gods, No Masters
6. No More Time
7. Hard To Remember
8. Rejected
9. Try To Hide
10. The Fever
11. Changed
12. I Can See it In Your Eyes (with
Steve Perry from Journey)
13. Just Like It’s Supposed To Be


Releases On Go-Kart Records

“They deliver the goods where so many MTV clones miss themark... fans of classic melodic punk like Weston and Digger will be stoked on guFF !”
- Screaming Bloody Mess

“Guff is going to make a real big noise
someday. Keep 'em bookmarked.”
- cosmik.com

“This will be a must have”
- vinylsessions.com

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"The Guff is a Disaster EP"

"Symphony Of Voices"

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